The best ways to lose weight fast.

Part 1

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Dieting can be painful and cause hunger, which is counterproductive. She prioritises self-care over weight loss.

Change your lifestyle and habits

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Bennett recommends achievable goals. 5 to 10% weight loss reduces type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer risk.

2. Focus on the First 5% to 10%

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What you consume is the most essential factor in weight loss, says JAMA. High-quality foods help you lose weight faster.

3. Avoid sugary, processed carbs.

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Research suggests a plant-based diet is easier to maintain than a low-calorie diet and increases weight loss. It's nutrient-rich and healthy.

4. Eat plants

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Increasing your protein intake can help suppress hunger and prevent muscle mass loss.

5. Pump Up Your Protein

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Independent of diet and exercise, drinking more water causes weight loss. Water reduces sugar cravings and satiety. Lipolysis needs water.

6. Drink More Water

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Unlike muscle, fat burns fewer calories. How to build muscle? Bodybuilding. Resistance training is excellent for weight loss because of the "afterburn effect"

7. Lift Weights

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